Welcome to my “Quick Market Report” for December 2019, the last one of the decade. Here’s what YOU need to know!

    • 37 Residential homes were sold in December. Last year we sold 32 homes.
    • We have sold 828 homes in 2019. Last year we sold 878 homes in the same period. That’s a decline of 6% in home sales.
    • YTD Residential sales just surpassed $356 million dollars. That’s a decrease of $21 million dollars (-6%) vs. 2018. 
    • The average Single-Family Home in Penticton is now worth $549k. Last year, the same Single-Family home was selling for $575k.
    • 51 new listings hit the Penticton real estate market in December.
    • There are currently 332 “active” residential listings in Penticton. Last year we had 390 listings on the market.

    Check out all my easy to read graphs below. If you want to keep up on the latest housing trends in Penticton, then this report is for you! Remember, I’m always here to help you make sense of it all!