THE FIRST FULL WEEK OF DECEMBER GOT OFF TO A SLOW START…….In total, only 11 homes were sold in the past seven days. That’s a decrease of 4 homes (15) sold vs. the prior week. Total value of these 11 transactions was just over $4 million dollars compared to $6.8M the week prior. The highest priced sale was a single-family home in Naramata which sold for more than $750k. The difference between listing price and sales price was 96% for the week. We have been hovering between 96% and 97% of asking price for the past two months. Many home sellers are being very realistic with their offering price, and we are firmly locked into a balanced market at this time. RIGHT NOW is a GREAT time to buy that new HOME!

Here’s the breakdown of property “type” for this past week (December 2nd to December 8th)

  • 1 Full-Duplex
  • 2 Mobile Homes
  • 2 Half-Duplexes
  • 2 Condos
  • 4 Single Family Homes

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