MAYBE A TREND? ANOTHER NOTICEABLE DROP IN SALES FOR THE SECOND WEEK OF OCTOBER. I GUESS IT’S NOW FAIR TO SAY – “WELCOME TO FALL”!…..In total, just 9 homes were sold this past week compared to 12 homes that changed hands last week. Total value of these 9 sales was just over $4.2 million dollars, compared to $5.7 million the prior week. The highest priced transaction was a Single Family home in the Wiltse / Valleyview  neighbourhood which sold for more than $900,000 dollars. The difference between listing price and sales price dropped for the first time in four months when it came in at 96%. Seller’s are being very practical with their offering price, and we are solidly locked into a balanced market. The Fall season is STILL the PERFECT time for Buyer’s to be purchasing their new property!

Here’s the breakdown of sales for this past week (October 14th to October 20th)

  • 1 Lot
  • 1 Condo
  • 2 Half-Duplexes
  • 2 Townhomes
  • 3 Single Family Homes

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