12 MILLION IN SALES LAST WEEK AND FOUR WEEKS IN A ROW WITH MORE THAN 2O HOMES BEING SOLD!…………In total, 30 properties changed hands this past week versus the 25 homes sold the week prior. So far, we have sold 92 properties in May! The total value of this week’s 30 transactions was just over $12 million dollars, compared to $11 million the prior week. The highest priced sale was a Single Family home in Wiltse / Valleyview which sold for more than $825,000. The variance between list price and actual sales price was hovering around 97%….right in the middle of the consistent average seen between 96% and 98% each and every week. The housing market is still very much “balanced” in Penticton at this time.

Here was the sales breakdown for this past week (May 20th to May 26th):

  • 1 Mobile Home
  • 2 Half-Duplexes
  • 6 Townhomes
  • 8 Condos
  • 13 Single Family Homes